UNDERSTAND: When Digging Deeper in a Conversation Matters

By Donna J. Spina PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

SCORE invited me to speak to one of their groups.  My talk, on DiSC Styles of Behavior for Communication, became highly interactive. Conversations with real life examples were being shared openly in the room. The overwhelming, most frustrating, ongoing, primary pain point for these Business Owners was not “understanding” how to respond to the thought process and behavioral styles of their employees, vendors, customers, prospects, partners in life or work, and even their kids! Their second challenge was “Why should it even matter? Just do the job. I have no time to babysit!”

It comes down to one basic thing. We are all wired differently in how we think, act, and construct our words in the moment (or later when the right ones come to mind!). No one is better or worse than another in their natural style. Just different.

Simple Solution. Seek first to understand why an individual is behaving or feeling as they do. Honor it! Yes, this takes time. Not “a people person”? Hate slowing down to address this (ultimately) meant to be taken serious matter? Find someone who revels in such AND will then translate the critical information back to you, the Leader.

Regardless of the number of people looking for work, if losing your Key People and those they might be in charge would cause your bank account to leak profusely, UNDERSTAND.

Donna J. Spina PCC, CPC, ELI-MP is a Small Business Differentiation Consultant and Disruptive Thinking Coach. She helps Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Executives globally with a specialty niche of Building Construction and Tradesmen. Donna brings clarity and order to your internal and external chaos revealing more business opportunities to increase confidence and income. Donna’s core approach consists of a proven, creative, customized staged process to reveal the secret sauce within you to rise above all the noise in your industry.

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