Professional PAIN: Not Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable?

by Donna Spina,  PCC, CPC, ELO_MP

  PAIN. The professional kind. We all have experienced it and will again. Ranging from mild to excruciating, from expected to out of the blue. Pain, in my opinion, is a more intense disruptor than Stress.

Sources of Pain will vary. It could be the proverbial “pain in the neck” situation, task, or person. That sharp, unsuspecting, back-stabbing feeling from someone you once believed Trust was present. A heightened disappointment from the sudden loss of a job, a long-time contract, or a much sought after, well deserved promotion. The void from losing a much loved and respected Mentor who elevated you in your business or career.

Whether prepared or not, PAIN will derail your path, distract your focus, and subtract from your life until you find PEACE.

How? Accept you are not immune from it and pledge to work through it.  If you cannot go it alone or are unsure as to just “how”, confide in someone whom you respect and Trust with an aerial view or more objective perspective. Just like the inability to UN-See something unpleasant, choose your words carefully.  You cannot UN-Speak them later. The solution maybe in the form of reconciliation, the wrong is somehow made right, or letting go of what you never really had control. It is ALWAYS your choice.

Donna J. Spina PCC, CPC, ELI-MP is a Small Business Differentiation Consultant and Disruptive Thinking Coach. She helps Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Executives globally with a specialty niche of Building Construction and Tradesmen. Donna brings clarity and order to your internal and external chaos revealing more business opportunities to increase confidence and income. Donna’s core approach consists of a proven, creative, customized staged process to reveal the secret sauce within you to rise above all the noise in your industry.

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