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Carole Pepe - President

As the president of your Local Entrepreneur Network, Carole is dedicated to supporting our members efforts to grow vibrant profitable entrepreneurial ventures.
Carole is a marketing strategist specializing in the ‘Social Side of Business’ at Growthology Hub.

Understanding the ‘Social Side of Business’, in other words, how to speak so others feel good around you and want to go along with you,  is what sets Carole apart from less successful marketing strategists.   

Chapter Directors

Tyrone Robinson III


Anu Anand

Business Accelerators 

Stephen H. Goldstein

 Business Accelerators 

Donna Spina

Accountability Partners

Francis Ames

Connectors Club

Department Directors

Debby Harmon

New Member Outreach

Armin Fernando

Face to Face Connections

Barbara DiLisio

Online Presence / Website 

Sonali Desphande

Social Connect


Jackeline Franco

Social Connect


Jeff Frank

Sponsor Relations


Seth Burney

Sponsor Relations

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