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Ever wonder ​how to Assemble Your Own Growth Team & Win Faster?

So you’re a Business Owner, Decision Maker or an Entrepreneur.

Your business is doing well but you recognize that for you to grow to the next level, you will need a team (of experts in various disciplines, ready and willing to help you reach and exceed your business goals, communicating with one voice)… What you are looking for is a “Growth Team”.

“Your Growth Team works to expand your customer base and value of your brand and services.” – Tyrone Robinson, III

What is a Growth Team ?

A Growth Teams responsibility is to expand the value of, and customer base for your brand and services. In other words, they are responsible for the movement of consumers into and out of your product or service. You’ll benefit from having a team that is data-driven, product-focused, and responsible for conversions at every point in the funnel. Growth Teams are key to helping your brand identify and discover the best tactics and channels for your businesses sustainable growth.

Recognizing the need to grow or change is valuable but actually designing and executing a plan then building a team to support it can seem like a daunting task. According to a study done by The Cornerstone Group, the success rate of business change initiatives continues to hover around 30%.

“Acknowledging that change exists is one thing. Responding to and successfully managing change is something altogether different, and leaders who are able to recognize this difference and respond accordingly are the ones that will live and thrive in that coveted upper-third range. Yet while agility is a core competency required especially during times of change, some leaders are not equipped with what they need in order to navigate change. Some resist change because they don’t know what to do, while others suffer from a lack of resources – human or otherwise – needed for success.”-The Cornerstone Group

Before approaching someone you would like to be on your Growth Team, it is important to designate know what role you wish this person to play on your team. One of the most important positions on your Growth Team is your Executive Champion. Your Executive Champion is your go-to person when you have business concerns or need help connecting with needed resources.

He/She should demonstrate superior knowledge in each of the areas in which you depend on them. You’ll depend on them to support you with valuable insights eliminating the need to conference with multiple specialists or other team members. Initially, your Executive Champion will help you determine the right time to start your growth strategy, refine what that strategy should be, and who should be a part of your Growth Team. A great Executive Champion will help you clearly define each person’s role and accountability to ensure strong alignment in goals.

What your Growth Team does for you

​Members of your Growth Team support you by:

  • Acting as your sounding board brainstorming and prioritizing ideas that align with your strategic goals and objectives.
  • Managing, delegating, collaborating and executing projects, goals and objectives.
  • Identifying your core customer, clear brand promise, and best ways to communicate with your target market (Channel and social media experts) for the purposes of increasing engagement and revenue.
  • Creating a data driven, scalable, repeatable methods for growth along with business development strategies to support your products and services.
  • Analyzing test results, iterating, and re-testing. Identifying large and small trends and turning them into actionable insights.
  • Introducing ways to work smarter including everything from time management to the introduction of growth platforms, products and services.
  • Alignment – (Increased clarity and accountability), Acceleration – (Develop a unique selling position and position your brand as a market leader), and Strategy – (Based on analytics and data).

How to decide if you need a Growth Team

  • Are you frustrated by the endless list of tasks that seem to never get completed?
  • Do you struggle to identify credible resources and tools that can help you and your business grow?
  • Would you benefit from having the input, advice and support of other experienced business leaders and experts?
  • Would you benefit from having access to proven methodologies that can help you smoothly transition from one initiative to the next?
  • Would you benefit from an accountability partner and a sound board for your rawest ideas and challenges?

Getting started with your own Growth Team

You’ll want to assess whether your business or service is ready to compete (There is a product/market fit) or if you need a team to help you reach a competitive level (product/market fit). In both cases, you may then want to begin considering:

  • What areas of your business do you need the most help in? Decide what functions of your business would be best run by experts.
  • Who will, could or would be the Executive Champion of your growth team? Why?
  • How should you structure the team? Should you invest in an already intact team or build a team?
  • What are my long-term goals for my growth team?

How do I learn more?

The Local Entrepreneur Network will host a FREE live event Your Growth Team – Why try to go it alone? It’s hard, lonely, and takes too long. — How to Assemble Your Own Growth Team & Win Faster!
Small business owner, entrepreneur or professional in the workplace, the “Growth Team” workshop will help you identify the functions, roles and services necessary to enable you to get to your next level… And Beyond! See more here https://goo.gl/n7q7sK. (We’ll be inside the classroom inside the Microsoft store in the King of Prussia Mall from 10 o’clock AM to 12 Noon.

By Tyrone Robinson III. , Owner of Opportunities2Serve, Tyrone is a Solutions Architect ★ Speaker ★ Consultant ★ Catalyst for Change.

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