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What Can You Do to Succeed?

by Rich Shane of Rich for Wealth Abundance In this 1 Minute Motivational video, Rich asks “What Can You do, And Succeed?” Click Here to see what Rich has to say.

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UNDERSTAND: When Digging Deeper in a Conversation Matters

By Donna J. Spina PCC, CPC, ELI-MP SCORE invited me to speak to one of their groups.  My talk, on DiSC Styles of Behavior for Communication, became highly interactive. Conversations with real life examples were being shared openly in the room. The overwhelming, most frustrating, ongoing, primary pain point for these Business Owners was not “understanding” how to respond to the thought process and behavioral styles of their employees, vendors, customers, prospects, partners in life or work, and even their kids! Their second challenge was “Why should it even matter? Just do the job. I have no time to babysit!”

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12 Time Tips: How to Befriend and Guard

By Donna J. Spina PCC, CPC, ELI-MP TIME. We all have the same amount of time in a given day or week.  Work Deadlines or Holidays and Crunch Time seem to be synonymous. So why does it seem some people can get so much more done than others? 12 TIPS FOR MANAGING YOUR TIME WISELY CHECKLIST Write it Down. List what needs to get done this week. Must Dos. Prioritize for today. Stress Buster. Put deadlines on your calendar or scheduler with 24 hours “heads up” notice. Avoid Time Stealing Distractions. Other people’s drama. Not your Circus, not your Monkeys.

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Professional PAIN: Not Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable?

by Donna Spina,  PCC, CPC, ELO_MP   PAIN. The professional kind. We all have experienced it and will again. Ranging from mild to excruciating, from expected to out of the blue. Pain, in my opinion, is a more intense disruptor than Stress. Sources of Pain will vary. It could be the proverbial “pain in the neck” situation, task, or person. That sharp, unsuspecting, back-stabbing feeling from someone you once believed Trust was present. A heightened disappointment from the sudden loss of a job, a long-time contract, or a much sought after, well deserved promotion. The void from losing a much

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My Socks are My Biggest Productivity Hack

  by Emi Kirschner We aren’t as productive as we could be. And I do mean all of us. If we were, there wouldn’t be hundreds, if not thousands, of books and trainings on productivity, performance, or habits and rituals. We spend well over $100 million in planners every year. Yes, you might make to-do lists or even lists for your to-do lists. You manage multiple apps (Slack, Calendly, and Trello are some of my fav’s). All of those tools are great and super helpful, and you are probably ignoring the one thing that can truly increase your ability to manage multiple

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