5 FREE Hacks to Rock Expo Lead Generation

​It’s Expo Season and you’re hungry for new business leads. Now what? Do you have an extra three to twenty-five thousand dollars laying around to purchase a booth at one expo or do you want to rock lead generation at dozens of expos and trade shows for free?

These five expo lead generation hacks work because businesses pay a hefty price to exhibit at expos and trade shows and their goal is to talk to visitors. This is your golden opportunity to bypass gatekeepers, eliminate

unanswered telephone calls, and forget about unread emails. You can step right up and start developing valuable relationships with a company insider in just a few minutes for the price of a friendly conversation.

5 tried and true hacks that actually work to deliver qualified leads by attending business expos and trade shows:

1. Pre-show Exhibitor List – Most expos post their exhibitor list online prior to the show. Peruse the list and give yourself an appointment to visit booths of the businesses most likely in need of your product or service first. Make yourself another list of booths to visit for those you’re interested in as referral partners, marketing influencers, or networking connections.

2. Face-to-face access – Step up and say, “Hello!” Introduce yourself to the people working the expo booth. Ask their names, get them talking about their product, what they love about their company, and what they do at the company. You’ll get insider information on everything from the company culture, how they operate, who to call, and the best way to contact them.

3. Friends-In-the-Business– Expo exhibitors are anxious to chat with visitors. You’ll find most of them will readily welcome your friendly conversation. While you’re there with them, ask them if they’d appreciate it if you LIKE their Facebook page, follow their Instagram page, and connect with you on LinkedIn. You’ll want to enrich your relationship with your new friends-in-the-business by liking and commenting on their social media posts. You can also ask them to LIKE and Follow your pages too. They will usually reciprocate right away because they may feel obligated since you just did them a favor and liked their pages and the apps are usually right on their mobile phone screens. Social media is the new social side of business. Ongoing LIKEs, Comments, and Shares keep you on their radar and identify you a valuable connection.

4. Social Proof (Selfies at signage, celebrities, and warm leads) – Now you’re ready to take your expo booth visit up a notch by asking exhibitors to pose for a selfie with you. When you’re connected on Facebook or know their Instagram handle (name on Instagram) you can tag them when you post the selfie photo you just took of them having a great time with you at the expo. It’s a great way to get them smiling and enjoying their time with you. Plus, you’ll have lasting visual proof of your relationship with company insiders.

5. Find Decision Makers- Depending on how busy the exhibitor’s booth is, your friendly conversation may lead you to discover who makes their companies buying decisions and how you can reach them. Don’t worry if there are too many other booth visitors, just make those connections and be sure to follow up with the people you’ve met after the expo, by social media or email. Your new inside-the-business friend could put you on the fast-track and give you a personal introduction you to the decision makers you want to reach.

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