3 Easy Hacks to Get More Clients

Here are 3 easy hacks to put more fun in your life while getting more clients every day.

Getting new clients is critical to the success of every business. So why are so many business owners in the dark about how to actually get more clients? We hear questions like, “How do I get my first client?” or “How do I get more clients?” or “How do I get better clients?”

The simple truth is that start-ups, established, and mature businesses all need new clients. New clients are needed to grow your business. They affirm the value of your product or service and frankly they generate the revenue you need to stay in business. Acquiring new clients is critical to business success yet most business owners are in the dark about how to actually do it. Some people think client attraction has to be hard work. There are literally hundreds of marketers who want to sell you expensive complex marketing systems that may or may not get more clients to your door.

Other marketing programs suggest that you’re not putting out the right energy because if you did the universe would magically send those new clients your way. Wouldn’t that be great if that’s all you had to do? Now, we’re not knocking putting out the right energy to make things happen. It’s just that there’s more to this story.

​Of course, we believe that your intention must be in the right place. The secret sauce is to back up your wish for new clients by taking action. It’s best to start with a simple plan. Give yourself the gift of focusing on a few fun, fast, easy ways to acquire new clients every day. You can call it your ‘Client Attraction Plan’. Doing this, is a way to give yourself an inspirational purpose, easy action steps, and clear focus to keep yourself on track. You can even give yourself a couple of measurable goals to track and celebrate your results.
Here are 3 easy hacks to put more fun in your life while getting more clients every day.

Easy Hack # 1:

Talk to three or more people every day about your business and what you do.
Start by taking a stretch break. Really! Give yourself a stretch break because sitting in front of your computer screen all day gets awfully monotonous. Now that you’re up on your feet, it’s time to get moving. Run an errand, visit a local business network group, go to the gym, get involved with a local club, or charity. Now that you’re on your feet it will be easy to get started with Easy Hack # 1 – ‘Talk to three or more people every day about your business and what you do.’
It’s time to stop hiding behind that computer screen and overloading social media sites with useless drivel that nobody cares about. People need to know who you are. They need to see your face light up when you talk about your products or services. They need to know if you’re genuinely interested in improving their life and not just another snake oil salesman trying to get their money. You’ll attract new clients and improve your quality of life too.

​Studies show that dressing up and getting out with other people is good for your physical and emotional health. The simple act of grooming and dressing to go out can lift your spirits. It’s a great way to improve your quality of life while working on your business.
When you commit to talking to at least three different people about your business every day, you’ll be amazed at how it changes your life.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out yourself you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the change you’ll see in your clients, your stress level, and your income.

Easy Hack # 2

Find where your ideal clients hang out and be where they are.
Imagine how great you’d feel being surrounded by hundreds of your ideal clients on a regular basis. Sounds great, right? Let’s get started by picturing a grizzly bear standing in a river teaming with salmon franticly trying to get upstream. Everybody knows that grizzly bear wants salmon. So, instead of hunting one salmon at a time, the grizzly bear just goes where the salmon are and opens his arms to receive as many as he wants.

Grizzly bears have mastered Easy Hack # 2 – Find where your ideal clients hang out and be where they are. You can do this too.

You’ll want to start by taking a few minutes to research where your ideal clients go to have fun, learn, network, and grow their businesses. Think of these places as their natural habitat. For example, if your ideal clients are hair salon owners, you need to go to hair style shows and competitions, new product training programs, conferences, and etc.
If your ideal clients are chefs, you’ll want to be at cooking contests, foodie clubs, cooking expos, and etc.

Create your own ‘Ideal Clients’ Hang – Out List’. Next, do a bit more research to find out when and where the gatherings take place. Sync your calendar and do what it takes to get yourself surrounded by your Ideal Clients in their natural habitat. You’ll want to make a point of signing up, getting involved, and introducing yourself before you show up. While at gatherings, get things moving by starting friendly conversations, making new friends, and getting to know everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it. Prove it to yourself. This easy Client Attraction Hack can improve your social life, save you time and money, and increase sales.

Easy Hack # 3

Show up, get in the conversation, and share value.
Social media has become a key part of our 21st Century culture. According to an article featured in Forbes Magazine, “. . . over 78% of the U.S. population has a social network profile.” It’s not only how millions of us spend our time but it influences how we feel about ourselves and can impact how others feel about you.
No surprises here. Social media is all about being sociable. It’s a way of engaging with others. When it comes to social media, it’s best to think of creating ‘long-term ‘relationships. People in your social groups will get to know you not just by what you post but also by the way you interact with other members of the community. You’ll want to be a trusted, ever-present, supportive member of the community. You can do this by congratulating others when the opportunity arises, answering questions, providing helpful content, and sharing resources.

The key here is to show up frequently and engage with other members of your social communities because posting on an infrequent basis makes other members suspicious of your motives.
Don’t just take our word on it. Prove it to yourself. This easy Client Attraction Hack can help you to establish your expertise, talk directly to your ideal clients, get insider information on what your ideal clients want, and build relationships that lead to more sales.

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Carole Pepe serves as president of the Local Entrepreneur Network. She is an innovation enthusiast, social connector, and community builder who believes a vibrant professional network is critical to your business success.